I am not one to write reviews but had to in this case.

This repair shop is the best shop I have been to in over 20 years of owning a car. Ozzy is truly the most customer friendly person I have met. They took in my Audi and repaired the brakes well below what I was expecting. I even got the http://yelp.com discount.

Ozzy even lent me $20 for a taxi to the airport and put it on my bill. He then offered to drive me to the airport instead (I said no because my company was paying for the fare).

I got a call from him for a repair estimate in 3 hours and it was repaired the same day. Again, below $$ what I expected.

One other thing about Joe's aside from the top notch customer service is the great location. I take the Blue LIne to work and the shop is right next to Willow Station. Extremely convenient to drop the car off in the morning and pick it up after work.

In short, I highly recommend this repair shop and compliment Ozzy on his great customer service.
Robert K., Long Beach, CA
Got to the place after work. I was greeted by David Simms & Ozzy. They checked out my car and got me running smoothly again. I have worked with David at the Mercedes Dealership so I just followed him to this new location. Turned out to be a 5 Star service.

They also have a nice comfy waiting room with all of the water you can drink. It happened to be the hottest day in LA this day. Joe, the owner came out to bring me water also. He is the owner. I have to say I am impressed. The last place I went to the owner was more interested in seeing me after hours than fixing my ride. He was very professional!

I will be going back again.
Jataun J., Brea, CA
This was my second time for an oil change and Ozzy assisted me both times. He was very professional and made me feel welcomed and comfortable. The customer service was great! I scheduled an appointment for the oil change yesterday and Ozzy told me to bring it in at 8am this morning. My car was ready to go within 40min! The oil change service included a full inspection and top off of fluids as well. Joe even gave me a bottled water while I waited in their lobby.

I would definitely recommend Joe's Auto Center for excellent car and customer service!
Hiroko T., Anaheim, CA
I came by on a busy Saturday with a leak in my fuel line. The service person (Jose?) was as nice as could be, but also honest with me. They were very busy, it was late in the morning, and there was a good chance they wouldn't get to it that day. Understood and expected, actually. They advised me how dangerous it was to operate the vehicle with the fuel leaking like that and offered me a ride home, which I took them up on. Had a great chat with the owner on the way about his business philosophy and he seemed genuinely caring and interested. The shop called me back later and let me know they had found a less expensive way of fixing the problem with a patch kit instead of replacing the entire line assembly, and they were hoping to get the part and get it installed that day. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, but they got it repaired first thing Monday. When they called to let me know, they told me know about other things that the car required. Most of them I knew about and had been putting off. There was no "up-sell", just an honest appraisal of what the car needed. They gave me a reasonable quote for some of the work and I had them go ahead. Since they're walking distance from the Blue Line, I picked it up after work, and the car has been running great ever since. They even stayed late so that I could pick up the car after work. Great service, great integrity, amazing people. What more could you ask for in an auto center? I'll definitely be back.
Mark W., Long Beach, CA
I was so impressed! I completely disagree with @Jon J. (and I did see Joe while I was there)! I went to the shop for the first time on Aug 14. Ozzy was wonderful and very customer service oriented. I came in because my check engine light was on, he took my keys, and came back to chat with me. After chatting for awhile I asked if we could get things going with my car and to my surprise it was already being looked at!

I got a call about 45 minutes later that I just needed a new gas cap and when I mentioned a few of my external light bulbs were burnt out and they fixed them for free!

I got dropped off at the shop and my car wasn't quite ready and Ozzy gave me an ice cold bottle of water and they had a nice waiting room and even had crayons and coloring books for kids!

The only thing I did not like was that they charged me for a diagnostic test to see why my check engine light came on, but did not tell me about the charge when I arrived or the cost. They did give me a good discount on the cost since I'm a AAA member.

They also told me that the air filter I had just got at Jiffy Lube two days earlier was the wrong one for my car and was absolutely ineffective!

I am so glad to find a trust-worthy garage!!!
Julie S., Long Beach, CA
I moved to Long Beach about 2 years ago, my BMW was making a strange noise. Since my car was no longer under warranty and because I am a member of Triple A (AAA) I logged onto the AAA website and Joe's Auto Center was an approved mechanic they suggested.

I am so glad I went to Joe's. Turns out my battery was about to die and Joe was able to replace it super quick. Ever since then, I take my car to Joe's for everything - oil changes, check engine lights, bulb replacements, anything.

Before I bought a used car recently, I took it to Joe first to get his opinion before buying it. He checked it out and gave me the thumbs up. And he was right it has been a great car.

I trust Joe, he and his staff know what they are doing and they get the job done fast.

I am really lucky I found such a great mechanic so quickly and I can't imagine going any where else.

(PS Joe is a great guy, too and he has a lovely family)
Kel F., Long Beach, CA
I think I did the first review for Joe's-- don't know where it went. I was towed there, so it was pure serendipity that we found him. He is honest, tells you what you you need urgently and what you can defer or don't need at all. He has often done little things for free. If I call ahead, I almost always get a same-day repair. And he's even stayed a bit late for me at times!

His prices are very fair, he's honest, he's polite. In all, he gives mechanics a very good name. Highly, highly recommended.
Lisa M., Long Beach, CA
Again, fabulous service at Joe's. I've been taking my car there for a while now for oil changes and service, but this time I actually had a car repair issue. He took care of it quickly and no problem, AND this time he fixed a bunch of really annoying cosmetic problems, on top of what the car actually needed, and didn't charge me for any of them. Thanks again for being a mechanic that I don't feel is trying to overcharge me!
Stephanie F., Long Beach, CA
My wife and I have brought our cars to him for two years now and Joe's been tremendously reliable. We found him on Yelp, and he's been terrific ever since. I have a new Honda Accord, and my wife has Jeep Grand Cherokee with almost 200,000 miles, and Joe is great with both. I'm always nervous looking for a new, "trustworthy" mechanic, and Joe has made life in Long Beach a lot easier. Thanks!!!
Scott S., Long Beach, CA
This is the last honest mechanic! I'd recommend him to anybody. I found him through AAA as an Authorized Mercedes Mechanic. He's very friendly, gives you an itemized bill and has a great sense of humor. Somehow he manages to have an immaculately clean repair shop..that's mind boggling to me but I dare not complain or question his methods. I bought a car from him a year ago and got such a great deal I paid cash! I continued to use him as a mechanic and didn't break my bank the two times I've needed repairs in one year. In fact, I get some extras...a free tune up & car wash. I swear my car runs better and better!
Cryssy N., Carson, CA
There's really nothing worse than getting ready to leave for work and realizing your car won't start. With AAA on the way, I turned to my fellow yelpers for a recommendation for a mechanic. Despite the strong arm sales tactic from the towing company, I insisted it be towed to Joe's because of the reviews.

I called Joe to make sure he could look at my car if it got towed there. He told me no problem and was waiting for me and the tow truck driver. He had an estimate to me by noon and the car finished by 4 (blown starter). When I went to pick the car up it had been cleaned, given the once over, and even had some small issues repaired free of charge. If I ever have another car repair - crisis or not - I will definitely return to Joe's.
Ellen B., Long Beach, CA
Great service at a reasonable price! I have a MB and I hate taking the car to the dealer beacuase its a huge ripoff and Jiffy Lube does not do a good job. Joes is the way to go if you have a foreign car.
Mike R., Long Beach, CA
Another great service job at Joe's. Not only did he find the pesky small water leak we had, but he did several other things without charge. His rates are very reasonably and more importantly, I don't ever feel like I've been overcharged here. Not only did he leave my van clean, he cleaned up after another company that replaced my windshield. We will always use Joe's for our cars.
Renate W., Long Beach, CA
Joe saved my life. Electrical components in the car went haywire. Turns out it was some fuse burned out..Didnt even charge me. Any other mechanic woulda robbed me blind. cant find an honest mechanic like joe!
I called Joes auto shop this morning frantically looking for someone to tell me what was wrong with my new used car. They answered with excellent customer service and right away i felt like i was making the righ decision as a women. I took my car up to Joes i live in San Pedro and got assisted right away, they explained things to me and i didnt feel as if i was getting cheated or lied to. it feels good to be a women and be able to trust a mechanic. This will be my Volvos doctor theres no where else i will go. I appreciate the assistance i received and so does my car they got me running and have made me feel at home. The Quality of work not too sure but I wouldn be surprised if they get all the stars. Ill update in a week or two thats how long they wanted me to test their work , and reevalate it. Ill be back to finish I can say that. This is a place foryou to go!!lost dont know much about cars dont trust most mechanics. Freiendly , Generous people. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!
"Volvo01 Owner"
I have been going to Joe's for over three years and his service has been great. A friend recommended him to me as I was new to the Long Beach area and I have never regretted it. I have lived in different areas of LA (Pasadena, Santa Monica) and finding a good mechanic you can trust is challenging. Joe has earned my trust by just being honest and charging reasonable prices.

My brakes were squealing when coming to a stop and it concerned me as it was annoying. He told me he thought he knew what the problem and worked on it was but it kept coming back. It took a few tries but was corrected. (The culprit, a rusted release pins that was not moving smoothly and catching on the brake pad.)

Sometimes the problem is not that apparent and Joe was honest with me that he was not sure what it was but wanted to try to fix the problem. That honesty is why I keep coming back.

I always recommend him to people needing car service in the Long Beach area and I recommend him to you.
Larry S.
I have been a very loyal customer of Joes' Auto Center for many years. Joe and his team of expert mechanics are very commited to customer satisfaction. All work has been completed in a timely manner with much attention paid to detail. I have never once been disapointed with the work or the customer service at Joe's. I would highy recommend this shop for your maintenance or repair needs.
Cecilia Ramos

2801 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90806

T: (562) 492-1198

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